Poker in Lithuania


Lithuanian gambling business operates within a very strict legal framework, one of the toughest in Europe. Despite this, in Lithuania poker is recognized as a sport.

Full-formed gaming industry in Lithuania appeared only in the early 2000s. The first game room and casino opened in Vilnius, the capital, in February 2002.

Gambling industry worked and is still working under the pressure of religious organizations, and the law itself keeps a tight rein on it: heavy tax burden, high entrance barriers, and rigid legal restrictions.

Now in Lithuania there are about 15 fully operational casinos and a number of gaming halls. Unlike in Latvia casino gaming equipment is to be located in specially designated areas, not in any cafe.

Lithuania gave the world such an incredible person as Antanas Guoga, aka Tony G. “Lithuanian Zhirinovsky” went not so long ago into the European Parliament, so poker will face big changes in Lithuania.

Where to play poker in Lithuania?

The largest gaming network in Lithuania is Olympic Casino: 4 casinos in Vilnius, 2 in Kaunas, 1 in Klaipeda, 2 in Panevezys, 1 in Siauliai – eight casinos in all. You can also see the signboards of Casino Planet and Nese. By the way, advertising of gambling is strictly limited.

Vilnius is considered the poker capital of Lithuania, and it is quite logical, because Vilnius is the second most populous city in the Baltics. Here the largest gambling establishment of the country is located – Olympic Casino Radisson Blu Lietuva. This is the place you should visit first of all. Baltic poker starts here

Vilbius poker isn’t the most expensive in Europe. In the most gambling houses of Olympic Casino No-limit Holdem tournaments are regularly held, with buy-ins rarely exceeding $50.

Bids at cash tables are usually no more than $2-2, usually Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha are played.

Poker lovers should also visit Nese clubs, one of them is based in Vilnius. There is a casino in the resort town Palanga on the Baltic Sea. So, in Lithuania you can lie on the sand, and play poker.

Who plays poker in Lithuania?

The typical visitor of a casino in Lithuania is a young man or a middle-aged man with higher education and good income. In recent years, the economy has been growing, salaries, respectively, have been growing too.

In addition, Lithuania organizes junket tours for most of the CIS countries, including Estonia and Latvia. Vilnius attracts a large number of tourists: the historic city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

All these factors indicate a rather weak field in the most famous casinos in Lithuania.

Presence in the casino for people under 21 is prohibited (even if they do not play). When you visit the casino for the first time you have to go through the registration procedure. There is no required dress code.


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