Patrik Antonius opens poker room for high rollers in Monaco


Poker legend from Finland, ex-titan of virtual world, supermodel, macho and a great guy Patrik Antonius is retired long time ago. At least from online poker. Famous player has his own business though. He plays at high stakes live cash tables and is about to open his own poker room in Monte Carlo.

There is almost no info about Patrik in latest years. One is able to follow his Instagram, where Patrik posts photos like these:



In short, old fella Antonius lives a great life, travels lot and stays in Monaco. He admits it himself:

“I am all good. I am happy, have nothing to worry about. I don’t play at Series as a lot has changed including the way I live”.

“I live in Monaco with my family, kids grow up, I don’t have any wish to miss from home for months. I wanted to have more big regular cash games in Europe”.

According to the Finn, he plays 10 tournaments a year but he can’t miss PokerStars Championship stage in Mote Carlo (his home literally). Patrik played in €100,000 Super High Roller, he didn’t make it to ITM.

[Meanwhile! Bryn Kenney won the tournament defeating Russian Vyacheslav Buldygin! The latter won €1,290,800!]

Tournaments are one thing, Antonius likes cash games and he succeeded in it. High rollers at his level have a problem: there is not enough games. The games are rare and they all are far away – somewhere in Las Vegas or Asia. That’s why Finnish professional wanted to see poker room near him – in Monte Carlo.

So the question arises: why don’t do it yourself?

Secret poker room for high rollers

 “I can’t give away details, but many people were glad new poker room opens in Europe”, tells Patrik.

According to his words, there are plenty of players who aren’t willing to travel all around the world and want to participate in big cash games instead. Monaco is famous with its casinos, millionaires and “Maybach” so there is no better place for a club for people with money.


More to that, Monaco has a curious location. This is resort (the country is on Ligurian seacoast) and nice destination as it has Nice (France), San Remo (Italy), Switzerland and Spain nearby.

“Players from all over the world will have a wish to fly here. It is very simple to organize good game here. The only thing we need is normal rake”.

All the high rollers move away from Europe choosing Asia instead. That is the only place serious game takes place nowadays. The rest is deep undercover, or private games, or very rare games. There is lack of good place for serious players and the demand is there. It is probably somehow met with the help of King's Casino in Rozvadov (Czech Republic), and the facility is on the border with Germany and is quite far from Monaco, for instance.

Done with online

“Online poker is not interesting to me anymore. It doesn’t have a lot of action and I won’t be able to compete”, admits Patrik.

This is not news though. Antonius told something like this before some time ago. He looks up to Asia (with no details known about that), where big cash games will take place in the nearest future.

We won’t probably see Antonius at World Series. He tells he will try to play at the finish of the Series but there are many good cash games in August so it would be wrong to miss them.

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